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Jessica and Joe are the owners of Foxcreek and have been breeding for over 30 years, having experience in a variety of dog related adventures.
Together they have a combined history in a multitude of K-9 careers. All while breeding top notch, top quality dogs. Dogs that conform with the breed standard along with excellent health and temperament


All About The Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier, also known as the Scottie, is a brave, curious, dedicated, loyal and opinionated dog. The Scottie - even as a puppy - is alert, hardy and lovable. They are charming and full of character. Scottish Terrier puppies are playful and friendly, they’ll mature into a regal, dignified and loyal adults. They are aloof with strangers, but extremely dedicated and loving to their owners, which include children on up to senior citizens. A Scottie is happiest being with their human. An extremely dedicated and loyal pet to it’s family.

The Scottie is lively, proud, intelligent, and has an extremely reliable temperament. He likes to dig, enjoys walks, loves to play ball, and is thoroughly sporty, home loving, and extremely affectionate with their family. Scottish Terrier puppies and matured dogs do very well with other animals, as long as they are raised with them. Scotties are independent thinkers, and don’t take naturally to obedience training. They enjoy a reputation of being stubborn. A very regal dog. If you ask them to do something, they will always want to know what’s in it for them. They excel at agility, and not just when they are puppies! Consistent obedience training is very important for this breed. If you do not establish yourself as the pack leader, your Scottie will. The Scottish Terrier puppy is harder to train than most other dog breeds. He learns new commands more slowly than most other breeds. You will need to be extra patient when training a Scottish Terrier puppy, but it is all worth it in the end, to have a gentle, loving, loyal, intelligent, dedicated, protective, sensitive companion. A dog who will watch TV with you, and sleep in your bed.

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The Scottish Terrier puppy needs to be trained with rules to follow and limits to what they are and are not allowed to do. They do very well with a daily (pack) walk. Do not allow this little dog to develop (small dog syndrome) a human induced behavior where the dog feels he is the pack leader to humans. This can cause varying degrees of behavioral problems, including, but not limited to, obsessive barking, guarding, separation anxiety, snapping and even biting. These are NOT Scottie traits, but rather behaviors brought on by the way the dog is treated. A Scottie does not handle harsh, aggressive discipline well at all. As puppies, Scottish Terriers need firm and consistent guidance and training to make them the perfect companion. If you fight (heavy handed, shout, scream, and overly mean with training) with a Scottie, you will fight with it for the rest of it’s life. If you begin to be your Scottie’s pack leader, and are self-assured, calm, kind, and loving, but assertive toward the dog, the Scottie will be a very stable minded trustworthy dog.

This breeds does best with a fenced yard. Invisible fences do not deter this dog if he sees a squirrel he must have. Scottish Terrier puppies are active enough, but they continue to be an active breed as they mature, and they love to play outside. They need moderate amounts of exercise, and make ideal walking companions. They cannot swim, so if you have a pool - you will have to take care to keep your Scottie away from it. They make great watch dogs, and will be sure to announce an approaching stranger. They will also announce an approaching squirrel, or a passing bicycle. The Scottie is a good dog for apartment living, and is moderately active indoors, and will do well without a yard. They will require a daily walk, and indoor play will take care of a lot of their exercise needs. Scottie puppies and matured dogs love to lie on the back of the couch and stare out the window, occasionally barking at things that interest them.

The Scottie is a sturdy little dog with short legs, and the way they are groomed can make them look even shorter. The head is long in proportion to the rest of the dog. Scottish Terrier puppies can look like they are all head. They are a solidly built little dog that comes in a few different colors; which include black, wheaten, or brindle. Scotties can have some health problems, and a responsible breeder prevents breeding of those problems, although no matter much prevention is taken, sometimes problems may occur. Life expectancy is about 12 -15 years.

Never hit or harshly discipline a Scottie, and never play aggressive games like wrestling or tug of war.


Choosing Male or Female

When choosing a Scottie puppy as your pet and family companion, many people feel that one sex is better than another. Most people think a female is the better choice, when in actuality, both make satisfactory pets.

A neutered male “does not mark” inside or out, if he is neutered at the appropriate age; nor does he exhibit other undesirable “ bad boy” characteristics many associate with male dogs. The male is more affectionate and willing to please, where as the females tend to be a bit more bossy and independent.

If this is your first Scottie puppy, it probably won’t be your last. Scottie owners become loyal fanciers and seldom want another breed. This breed does very well in pairs. Either 2 neutered males, or male and a female, but we do not recommend 2 females as they can try to dominate each other. There are always exceptions to the rules though. Many say the only thing better than owning a Scottish Terrier puppies, is owning two! (or more)

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