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Hey Jessica,

Here are some pictures of Mjay and Prince. I really enjoy having them in my life. I will send some more pictures as they continue to grow. Mjay has really blossomed, he loves to be loved up and petted up LOL. He loves stealing everyone's belongings :). Prince is exactly that, a Prince. He demands you make sure his needs are met. Cries and wines when you come home, like why did you leave me alone I miss you so much. They bring a lot of joy to our whole family.
Just wanted to share with you.

Thank you,

Zelda R. B., LPN
Norfolk Va

Jessica and Joe,

We wanted to let you know that Dusty has added such love and joy over the last year. He has grown into a wonderful member of the family (sometimes head of the family I should say!). As he turned 1 yesterday, we wanted to share some pictures of our handsome little guy! This little guy enjoys going to our mountain home with us and he is an avid swimmer that loves the water ( don't worry, we watch him very closely!). He is just awesome! Thank you so much!


Janice and Laurie

Hi Jessica!

We're about to have Gracie's 5th Birthday and I just wanted to share with you, again, my many thanks for my beautiful baby girls!!
They are a true joy to me and everyone they meet.
So full of life, love, joy and so so many kisses.
We hope you're having a great summer and continuing to light up lives with these sweet little angels!

Krissy T.


Tony and I are enjoying this precious puppy so much that we bought from you. He is so smart and has the best personality. Thought I would send you some pictures of our little fellow. He's doing well! We have finished up on all his shots and we have an appointment at the end of March to have him neutered and chipped. We are so happy we found your website and bought our Bichon from you He is perfect and has the cutest personality. He is a very smart dog.

Best regards,

Sandra and Tony B.


Emma looks like a Westie now, my little girl has grown up! Love these two. Hope this finds you and Joe well!

Hello Jessica,

Tony here, we have Buoy and Wilbur Bud, who is now 2 years old! Hope all is well with you and the gang. All is well with our crew. Marsha and I have been discussing adding another family member at some point. Weezie our 16 year old is still with us so we are kind of holding off but we are looking forward to another puppy. Wilbur Bud has a fantastic personality! a very loving little boy! He and Buoy are a great pair!

As always, looking forward to our next westie! I can't say enough about how pleased we are with Buoy and Wilbur. Wilbur's little half ear is a hit in the hospitals in particular Children's Hospital.

Oh yes, one more thing. Marsha and I work estate sales in Virginia Beach. About 6 months ago ( I think ) anyway, a lady came to the sale with a westie puppy, ( 6 months old ) She went inside and one of the other workers was watching him while she shopped. I could not resist so I went over and took over babysitting duties. I took him to Marsha and told her I bet this was one of your pups! His personality and looks were great. When the owner finally came out we started talking to her and told her about our crew and were wondering where she got him and she confirmed, Foxcreek!!! we knew it. I can't remember her name but she was so happy with her little guy!! He was a handsome little man!! she had nothing but great things to say about you and her little guy! but we already knew that! As always thanks for breeding quality pups!!!

Thanks again,

Tony & Marsha
Aydlett, NC


Before and after pictures of our Tasmanian Devil,

Before and after pictures of our Tasmanian Devil, "TAZI " for short. She is 1 year old now and weighs 14+ pounds and in good health. She is feisty, loves people, high energy, can leap tall chairs and sleep in your lap.

Other traits are fearless and yes stubborn but a loving part of our family. She even likes water and camping.

Just a short note to say that Tazi is all Cairn with some Lab traits built in.

Sandy and Allan T.
Wilmington N.C.


Hi Jessica,

I purchased a cairn female from you a few weeks ago and she is doing great! She checked out perfectly at her first vet visit and has had no problems housebreaking!

I've been so surprised out how intelligent she is at such a young age! We named her Riley in keeping with her mother's name and the "R" chain of names in her genealogy.

And, she has very quickly become a part of our family. I've attached a picture of her for you.

I also wanted to ask you what shampoo you use because she smelled so good when we got her and the scent lasted for a very long time.

Again, we are very pleased with little Riley and want to thank you so much for being so easy to work with and for the care you give your little ones. It really shows in how clean and healthy she was and is!

Have a great evening!

Melissa E.


Merry Christmas to you, Joe, and all your loved ones!

Dear Jessica,

good to speak with you - thanks for your info on Emma and her "tantrums". She is a doll!

Love the first photo of Emma sleeping on her back on the back of the sofa! The last one is Hamilton napping over near her crate as he often does now, and she rests with her nose through the bars!

Thanks for everything.


Jessica and Joe,

Two week today we purchased TAZI and are so very pleased. Thank you for raising such well rounded Cairn Terriers. We have gates and toys all around and love it. She loves to go outside and chase leaves and anything that moves. I will keep up with pictures and pass along many good things about your Kennel. Thank you again and we have one happy camper!!!!

Sandy T.


He is a ham!!!!

We love him

Jennifer and charlotte

Hi Jessica!

One year ago this month I came and got my 3rd precious baby from you. Daisy had been the perfect addition to our family. She's always smiling and bringing her lively joy to our home every second. Just had to once again say Thank You for your part in creating such beautiful puppies!!

Have a great Fall Season



Hi again.

Just wanted to let you know how great it is to have "Jack" with us. He certainly gives us a reason to keep moving...we had him chipped. You can see from the picture, he likes his tag. We go on long walks and everyone loves to see him, to pet him, and laugh. Especially when he takes silent protests, lays down, and rolls on his back.

Thank you. I truly enjoy having him. And know, he is living the great life here. Are two as much fun?




Jack had a tough ride for the first hour not liking the motion of the car. We finally made it home at 7:45. Now, Jack is sitting on my lap and Ceili is in the background taking him in gently. He ate, drank, and is now resting after a walk.

BTW, the sitting on our laps helped him bond with us and he follows me everywhere. Good idea. Also, hand towels when he had an upset stomach from the ride and a blanket to snuggle. He is a great choice.

Thank you!

Jane A. O'H, Ed. D.


Our happy little family :)

Thanks for all my beautiful babies!! Happy Holidays to you both.

Love, Krissy, Gracie and Daisy



Hi Jessica and Joe :)

Thought you might like an update on the new sisters.



Hi Jessica and Joe,

Daisy and Gracie did so great last night and are both constantly panting from chasing and playing! Thanks again for my 3rd perfect Bichon!!

These girls will be so happy together!



Sorry it took so long to get these pics to ya'.

This is Gunner and Sandy. Gunner is my oldest daughter's dog, and Sandy is my youngest daughter's dog. They just love them. Thank you so much for such great puppies.

They are both so smart and we love them soooo much.



Hi Joe and Jessica,

It is about time I sent you some photos of our dear Reggie. He is still the sweetest. Note his paws in the second photo, too.

We thank you every day for letting us have him.


Gordon and Sharon


Dear Jessica and Joe,

I had hoped to get this email to you yesterday on Reggie's birthday. We would like you to know that Reggie is an absolutely wonderful dog and more so than we ever could have imagined. He loves everybody and everything. He is always looking for someone or something to have fun with. He learned a lot from his big sister, just as you said he would, and is just as close with our Main Coon cat, who is only about a pound less that Reggie's 13.5 pounds.

Reggie gets a long walk in the early morning with three other dogs. He can go out and chase squirrels and rabbits whenever he wants, and always comes back when called.

In short, he is the happiest and sweetest dog we have ever known, and we owe it all to you. Thank you so much.

I occasionally take videos of him and like to share them with our friends and relatives. It turns out that the easiest way to do this is via YouTube. Here are two links to YouTube clips of Reggie. The indoor clip, Reggie's Special Toy, was shot last January. He continues to occasionally howl when playing with that one toy, and nothing else. The second clip shows Reggie having fun with the scarecrows guarding our garden from deer. This video was made this month. It is not unusual for him to come inside with a soaking wet head but otherwise dry.

Thanks again.


Sharon and Gordon



We think of Foxcreek often! We LOVE our girls and wouldn't know what to to without them. Capella was kind of "weak" in comparison to her sister when we first got them but has turned out to be the "strong one" in the end! Only "weak" spot now is that she can't live without her sister Lyra and has a nervous breakdown whenevery Lyra is out of her sight.

Thank you!!

Kay & Mike P.


Hello Jessica and Joe,

Just a quick note and picture. Wilbur-Bud certified as a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog International at 12 months of age!
Both he and Buoy our 2 year old Foxcreek Kennel pup certified at 12 months of age! Attached is a picture of Wilbur in his easy
chair. Hope all is well with you both.

Tony & Marsha Smith


Dear Jessica,

We wanted to let you know how our wonderful Scottie Abby, is doing since we purchased her last year from you.

She has evolved into the most wonderful, loving, fun dog that we have ever had. She makes my husband and I laugh at her joy for life and her gleeful nature.

Abby has been a charmer from day one. She slept through the night even though she was only 8 weeks old and was a snap to housebreak. She quickly learned house rules from her other doggie friends and assimilated into our pack readily. Bathing and grooming her was also easy due to your careful socialization as a puppy.

Abby is about to under-take a new learning project. She is working on agility and course-work. Although she is a beginner she has displayed a genuine interest and ability.

As life long dog owners, we can truly say that you are an outstanding reputable breeder who really cares about her puppies and who they go to. We can only give accolades and kudos to you and your breeding program.

I am enclosing some pics of Abby from her first day home to how she looks now. Please feel free to use them in any way that displays your outstanding kennels.

Best regards,

Dr. Adrienne Morton, Woody Morton and Miss Abby

Hello Jessica and Joe

Just a quick note and picture. Wilbur-Bud certified as a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog International at 12 months of age!
Both he and Buoy our 2 year old Foxcreek Kennel pup certified at 12 months of age! Attached is a picture of Wilbur in his easy chair.
Hope all is well with you both.

Tony & Marsha Smith

Dear Jessica,

Girls are doing great! Like you said, Daisy rules this house!! Can't imagine life without these two, thanks for breeding such perfect angels!!



Hi Jessie,

just a little update on my little cuties. Happy girls, love being outside now that our Spring is finally here! Happy Sunday:). Krissy


Jessica - good to speak with you - thanks for your info on Emma and her "tantrums". She is a doll!

Love the first photo of Emma sleeping on her back on the back of the sofa! The last one is Hamilton napping over near her crate as he often does now, and she rests with her nose through the bars!

Thanks for everything.




Dear Jessica & Joe,

Sorry it took so long to get these pics to ya'. This is Gunner and Sandy. Gunner is my oldest daughter's dog, and Sandy is my youngest daughter's dog. They just love them. Thank you so much for such great puppies. They are both so smart and we love them soooo much.








Jessica & Joe,

Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of adopting one of your babies. Giselle is settling in to her new home here in Easton, MD. She is/has also befriended the alpha cat Onyx – it is a tolerable love on his behalf.

Thanks again, I adore her!

Charlie & Giselle
P.S. She does love her organic carrots.


Dear Jessica,

I don't know if you will remember me, but I came to see you last September with my boyfriend, Jesse, to purchase one of your female Westies. My “baby” girl, Luna, is just so precious!

We love her very much and are so grateful that we came to you to get her. Luna turned one year on July 4th and she has now been with us for a full year as well. She is all of 13lbs and is so smart and sweet! So many people have asked us how we handle a “hyper” terrier, but Luna is nothing like the stereotype. Yes, she is smart, inquisitive, and sometimes stubborn, but she is always loving, always happy, and always a pleasure to be around! Did I mention that she loves to cuddle?

We are now considering whether or not we'd like to get her a little brother to keep her company – but that's still up in the air. If we do decide to get a little boy you will be the first person I call. Included are some pictures of my princess; there are dates on the back to give you an idea of how old she was when taken.

Thank you again for providing us with such a wonderful companion!

All my best,

Sandra H
Centreville, VA


Jessica and Joe,

Here’s Abby’s first check-up results. She is perfect – all 3 lbs 12 oz of her! She is such a delight and welcome addition to our family. We fell in instant love. She has adjusted beautifully. Thank you for her!

Ken and Bonnie W.
Richmond, VA


Dear Miss Jessica and Mr. Joe,

Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our new boy! He is such a sweet tempered little guy. We fell in love at first sight. We have named him Freddy after one of my favorite golfers. Whew, we haven't had a puppy for 11 years and I had forgotten how much energy they have. He definitely pushes the envelope so we are doing our best to give him structure and routine. He is one smart little boy.

Thanks for your kindness and care for him. We certainly have fallen head over heels for him.


Woodbury, NJ


Dear First Family,

It's my birthday! Here I am all grown up at one year! My baby picture is on the cover, but I am much more mature now. I keep busy training my new parents, playing with my new toys, chewing on toes and fingers, taking long walks and naps, going to the beach now and then, and keeping an eye on the world around me. I am a happy, adventurous, caring, fun loving puppy who loves people and other doggies. Jessica was quite right when she said my name would become clear on our ride home. In no time flat, it was clear that my new name would be “Scooter” -

Thank you for giving me a great start in life and for sharing me with my new family!

Lots of puppy hugs and kisses to all -


Penny & Dan N.
Timonium, MD


Dear Jessica & Joe,

My Wheaten color Scottish Terrier I purchased from you is doing very well and we love him very much. We have named him Alfred. He has been fixed and get regular checkups at a nearby vet. He is healthy and loved by all!

Worry not, Alfred is in good hands.


Paul M.
Warwick, RI


Dear Folks,

Sammy (Westie) and I reached Tampa FL just fine. The drive was long, but Sammy made it pass quickly. What a traveling trooper! The air conditioner was on to make sure he (and I were kept cool. Sammy’s personality is as good as his looks. Of the five Westies I have owned, Sammy is by far the quickest to learn and the best looking! All is well and thank you for the opportunity to own one of your treasured little ones. I am blessed daily with him and his sweet loving personality.

Take care,

Connor P.
Tampa, FL


Hi Jessica & Joe,

Enclosed are two pictures of Chloe. She is four months old when this picture was taken. She is a delightful dog. We love her so much. We have been to a puppy kindergarten; she did real well. Just wanted to update you guys. We will send more pictures later!

Jim, Danita, Chloe
Charlotte, NC


Hello FoxCreek,

We wanted to thank you so much for the immense joy you have provided us by raising such beautiful Bichon Frises. Our new puppy has adapted greatly to the new family. We have named him “Beemer”, due to the happiness that he exudes. He is in excellent health as per our vet and is coming along very nicely. We truly do appreciate the service and look forward to guiding others towards you!

Thanks a Million!!!!

Michelle, Roi and Beemer

P.S. I’m very happy with the new family Beemer!


Dear Jessie and Joe,

Jim and I wanted you to know how totally pleased we are with Westie Molly (born Oct. 26th to Piper and Patience). She is the “perfect dog”…sweet and feisty…fun loving and obedient.

She is a fabulous addition to our family; a happy participant in all activities. Our goal is to get a male Westie friend for her but only from you all for it is quite obvious that you all breed quality dogs with “perfect” temperaments.

Thank you for Molly and your words of wisdom.


Marilyn H.
Richmond, VA


Jessica and Joe,

Thank you for Molly! She is all and more than I ever expected. The two of you put so much love and time into my puppy and it shows in how stable she is. You put other breeders to shame for the supreme puppy you produce. Trust me I have seen it all!

Thanks again for my Molly.

Rikki H.
Wilmington, NC


Dear Jessica,

We are so happy with our Westie. He is a really well behaved Boy. Yes, we did give him a Russian name! His name is Misha, it is short name for Mikhail (Michael in English). He has adjusted very well and is such a happy dog. We are so happy to have him as a member of our family. Our son is so enjoying playing with him. Misha is still Marianna’s little boy however. Thank you so much for the time and hard work you have put into him.


Michael and Marianna J.
Danville, VA


Joe and Jessica,

What wonderful Scottie pups. They have made lots of progress and are happy and well adjusted to their new home. They have completely stolen our hearts.

Brooks & Les
Durham, NC


Maggie our Scottie is doing very well here in NH (despite our rainy summer!). She likes riding on the mower and getting in her toy basket to pick out her own toy. We are really enjoying her.

Bob and Ciona
Keene, NH



All is well with “Charley”, our Bichon Frise. His visit to the vet yesterday went very well. Vicki and I are thrilled to have him as a member of our family.

Thanks again!

Gary N.
Midlothian, VA


Jessica and Joe,

We are so lucky to have found “Sherlock”. He is such a wonderful puppy and just full of life. Russ is having some health problems but Sherlock has a way of taking your mind off it. He is so sweet and so full of life. We love him very much! Thank you again and again!!!


Beverly and Russ H.
Richmond, VA


Dear Jessica and Joe,

Greetings from us and “princess” Gracie.

We are just delighted with Gracie! What a joy she is, and a source of constant entertainment. She is thriving and happy. Weighing just 10.5 lbs, she's just the right size to tuck under your arm when it's time to go. And Gracie does love to go. She's a good little traveler, and we take her everywhere. She spent some time with us at the beach last summer and she seemed to really enjoy that. She developed quite a following. Several people wanted to know where we had gotten her. (One was another Bichon breeder)!

She has two playmates next door; two year-old Shih Tzus. You should seek the three of them tearing around the backyard, chasing squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and each other.

We've been pleasantly surprised by Gracie's sweet disposition and gentle nature. She is very bright, cooperative and just wants to please.

We're also happy to report that we've had no issues with skin allergies or tear stains.; In fact, we've had no health problems at all. You can take the credit for that for your careful breeding and early care.

As you can see – Gracie has taken over our home, our hearts and – yes – our bed.

We had her portrait done on her first birthday. She was “smiling” for that. The enclosed picture was taken at the same time. She looks a little somber, but you can see that she is a beauty.

We will be forever grateful to you for allowing us to adopt Gracie. We will continue to keep in touch.


Robin & Harold L.
Reensboro, NC


Dear Jessica and Joe,

I have rethought my choice for the puppy's name. Roxy does not really suit her, she is not that rowdy! I am instead going with “SWEET CAROLINE” for my Tar Heel puppy. It really fits her sweet and affectionate disposition.

She is obviously predisposed to motion sickness. I fel so sorry for her on the ride to Chapel Hill Saturday, but she did fine sleeping through her trip to Greensboro on Sunday. However, our short excursion to the vet today made her car sick again.

Thank you so much for the brief extension for the vet visit. I am so glad Caroline and I had that extra time to bond, because when we returned from the vet she hid from me for fear that I would take her somewhere else unpleasant! I am happy to say she quickly forgave and forgot.

The doctor gave her a clean bill of health and she seems quite healthy and happy, and is eating and sleeping well.

Thank you so much for entrusting me with one of your precious puppies. I already love her dearly; she is just the one I was looking for.


Karen W.
Greensboro, NC


Dear Jessica and Joe,

We wanted to let you know how our little Pepper is doing. As of 7/15/08, she weighed in at 7.1# at the vet. Pepper has adjusted beautifully to her crate, learning to walk on a harness and to all friends – human and animals!

She's great friends with “Tiger” our one year old cat we found. The play constantly, and Tiger is always looking out for Pepper.

Pepper enjoys our backyard – playing with us and exploring nature. She already has two special “buddies” in the neighborhood – a lhasa apso and a poodle.

We start puppy class next Tuesday. She's already learned sit, come, leave it, and has begun to heel. She loves to grab my slipper and run and hide it.

Pepper is everything we could have possibly hoped for in a welcomed member of our family! She's won over the hearts of family and friends alike. We thank you for giving her your love and caring at Foxcreek Kennels. Your work is certainly evident! Thanks for entrusting us to Pepper's card!

Gayle, Bill, Pepper & Tiger
Quinton, VA


FoxCreek Kennel
Hi Joe and Jessica -

Attached is the Vet report as requested.

What a trooper our little Murphy is. He made the five hour trip home without a hitch. He is very adaptable to location and situations. He was able to drink bottle water from hand and bottle...appropriately relieved himself. Boy, were we impressed with how flexible he was. He is settling in very nicely. He lets me know when he wants out of his kennel at night to relieve himself...we decided to try using the training pads since it is soooo cold up here. We are having successes slowly...but we are making headway.

We love him so much, and are so grateful that we were able to finally add him to our household. We are learning as a team.

Will keep you informed...

Jeannette D.
Charleston, SC


Hi Folks!

I still love and adore my Bichon! He is sooo special and such a great disposition – maybe next year I'll get another!

Thanks again for “my love” Oliver -

Nancy P.
Norfolk, VA


Dear Jessica and Joe,

Enclosed is a receipt from Henry's well puppy visit. He's doing great – all's wel! Thanks for a wonderful and loving puppy!


Donna T
Richmond, VA


Joe and Jessica,

We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our baby we got from Fox Creek Kennel on 4/18/2009. Our Scottish Terrier named Hemingford is perfect in every way. He is the first Scottie either of us has ever owned and although we did lots of research before getting him, we still didn't know exactly what to expect. He has surpassed all of our dreams.

Hemingford truly has the best personality imaginable. He loves other dogs and he loves all people, including children. He does not meet a stranger. Everyone who meets him comments on what a sweet, gentle, and affectionate puppy he is. He is actually calm for a puppy, which makes our life easier. We have provided many socialization opportunities for him, but it all came naturally from day one. We love the way he looks and his expressions. We also love that he barks only when necessary. This is a good trait to have in a small dog. So far he doesn't shed which has been a dream for Jenny's allergies and Jenny is not allergic to Hemingford at all.

Hemingford has been extremely easy to train. He learned all his tricks very fast and was completely house trained after about a month. He never did understand the concept of puppy pads so we just went straight to the outdoors. We are currently bell training him to ring a bell when he needs to go outside to the bathroom. He is still working on that one! He sleeps in his crate in our bedroom and began sleeping through the night after about three weeks. The day we brought him home he got very car sick, but ever since then he has been able to travel well. He is a little stubborn on his leash and will only walk if HE wants to. But, if he sees another dog or person while on his walk, he perks up immediately and cannot greet them fast enough. He is a good eater, always cleans his bowl and eats and drinks so neatly. He has already been neutered and recovered fine. One of his favorite things to do is ride a cart around the golf course and watch his Daddy play golf.

We'll refrain from going on about our little guy, but we did want to touch base with you to let you know he is doing well and we could not be more pleased with him. Thank you for breeding such a good dog. We think we may be life-long Scottie owners now.

Brandon and Jenny S.
Asheboro, SC



Here is a copy of the initial exam of Karli, our cairn. Everything checked out very well. You can see she only weighed 2 7/8 lbs. When we took her back for her booster, she had gained .7 lbs. She is doing extremely well.

Sher is very feisty and a challenge. Thank you for providing us with such a healthy, energetic pup.

Best Regards,

Phil & Gail C.
West End, NC


Hi Jessica & Joe,

Enclosed is copy of vet's exam for my new little cairn. His name will probably be “Scooby” (picked by my grandson – oh well).

This little fellow has no fear – he went right up to my Great Pyrenees, Toots, with his little tail all awag – Toots won't give him the time of day – yet.

He is fine in his crate at night, with only a little whining at first. Also, he lets me know when it's time to get up in the morning. He has eliminated only once in the house – this morning when I missed his cue.

He is a happy little guy and really helps fill the void left by Ty.

Have to send you a picture of my two friends soon.


Pat W.
Hampton, VA


Dear Jessica and Joe,

Our Winnie is doing very well, Maddie has taken to Winnie and Winnie to her.

We went to the vet of course she is wonderful.

We will keep you updated every so often. Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family.

Pat R.
Greensboro, NC


Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, I will be seven months old on Saturday and I am very healthy and handsome. My neutering went well; I was such a good boy I did not have to wear a stupid plastic collar, which was a good thing because when my veterinarian put one on me I went nuts. I wore it for 10 minutes. Never again. My “operation” was a piece of cake. I'm glad that's over!

On Monday I enrolled in College. I have a certified personal trainer (“Chris) who is very good, and she thinks I am very smart. VERY smart. My human mom signed up for the six-visit training package. She comes to the house. My first class was a breeze. I did everything right. I hope to make “Phi Beta Puppy” when I graduate this Fall.

I have pet health insurance (VPI Pet Insurance) and it pays very well. I got the Cadillac” Plan. Don't tell President Obama or he may tax mommy. I also have a microchip now. I am high tech!

I wanted you to know that I am fine, gorgeous, feisty, smart, affectionate and playful. Also, and I have the most beautiful set of teeth (since my baby canines were extracted) that you can imagine. Everybody looks at my PURE WHITE, PERFECTLY STRAIGHT TEETH!

I miss you and think about you often. Don't forget to post my sister's photo on the website when you get a chance.

Jamie & my human Mom, Suzanne B.
Hilton Head Island, SC



We have named our new little girl Roxy and we are all settling in. She is a sweetheart and I hope we have many years together.

Thanks for such a beautiful puppy. You definitely show that you love what you are doing.

Suzanne K.
Kilmarnock, VA


Hello Jess & Joe,

Finnigan, our Westie, is a healthy, happy feisty little girl and we just adore her. She has become best buddies with Duncan, our Scottie, and they stick together all the time. We delight in watching them play together. She has brought a lot of love and joy into our lives. We are so grateful to have her.

Thank you for allowing us to bring this special little girl into our home. She will always be part of our family.


Joe and Kathy R.
La Plata, MD


Just a note to let you know Cloe, our Westie is doing fine. She has settled in with us and is bringing us so much enjoyment. She is eating good and seems happy. Know she will bring us a lot of joy and love over the years.

Enclosed also is a note from my vet. Everything was fine.


Bettie R.
Livingston, TN


Dear Jessica & Joe,

Enclosed please find a copy of Buddy's first vet visit as per your request. I've also enclosed a photo for you to enjoy. He is the “best” Bichon puppy! The prettiest one around!

Thank you again,


Chuchk Nanette, CJ and Cortni H.
Moseley, VA


Hello Jess & Joe,

First night “home” went well. The vet loves “Piper” and we do also. Thanks for all!


Charles & Carol
Danville, VA

P.S. - We made it all the way home without any “accidents”!


Marlee said to tell you hello! She is doing great – has been visited by neighbors and made her first trip to PetSmart – where she impressed both staff and customers!

She is eating well – sleeps from about midnight to 5 a.m. Thanks for such a great addition to our family!

Beth M.
China Grove, NC



Every day I have been meaning to write to you. We all absolutely adore Daisy (our Bichon). She is the sweetest, cutest dog in the world! Can't thank you enough! Our black lab Cash has been her buddy and guide...they love each other. She is a perfect fit in our family. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication...it truly shows.

Thank you,

Audra S.
Spotsylvania, VA



We have decided to call our puppy Finbar – Finn for short. He is really a wonderful little puppy. Finn was at the vet yesterday and will start puppy obedience class soon. Thank you so much.

Lorraine K.
Atlanta, GA


Joe and Jessica,

Thank you SO much for Molly – that is what we named her! She is a little sweetie and doing so well already! We took her to the vet for her new puppy check-up and they said everything looked great so far! Enclosed is the report for her health guarantee.

Thanks so much, we will send some pictures and an update soon!

Kodi & Amber K.
Cayce, SC


Dear Joe and Jessica,

Barnum and Bailey will be ten months old tomorrow (December 15th). Already they have given us a lifetime of laughter and fun. They are truly wonderful – smart but a little disobedient. They still love each other so much, they can never be separated.

I'm so glad to have them in my life.

Thank you,

Moseley, VA



I am enclosing a letter from the veterinarian regarding our new cairn terrier puppy. I was able to get him in to see the vet on Monday! He is doing very well in his new home. He's adapting to everyone very well and is the envy of all my pet owner friends (who see him on Facebook).

Thank you for helping our family find such a wonderful addition to our home.


Tara H.
Virginia Beach, VA


Hello Jessica and Joe,

Enclosed is a copy of Bijou's spay yesterday. She did great and is doing well today. I took today and tomorrow off from work to be with her.

I'm sending you a photo I took last weekend. She's our pride and joy, and truly a “daddy's girl”. I never though my husband would be so protective of a little pup like he is over her. Thank you for trusting her to be in our family.


Gennie S.
Poquoson, VA



Here are copies of the puppies initial exam. They are doing great. They are so sweet and already sleep through the night (10 – 6 am). We have fallen in love with them!!


Sandi B.
Virginia Beach, VA


Hi Jessica,

Wanted to let you know that Kasey is doing great and we jus LOVE him! He is such a joy and very good.


Kim T.
Hampton, VA


Jessica and Joe,

Here is Bonnie's vet check-up. She is very healthy and happy!

We enjoyed our drive to your home. It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your beautiful property.

Bonnie is adjusting to her new home and is a delightful puppy who we look forward to enjoying for many years. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!

Brenda W.
Chantilly, VA


Dear Jessica,

We wanted to let you know that our little “Carley” passed, with flying colors, her health check-up with our veterinarian. She is a wonderful little puppy and has fit in with our family just right.

She is growing by leaps and bounds and enjoys running around the backyard, chasing balls and playing with all of her squeaky toys. She has the best temperament of any puppy we have ever had and learns so fast! You did a terrific job while she was in your care and we hope to continue that same love and training for her entire lifetime.

We have even found her another Cairn playmate here in town. And by the way, her “mom's” family has bred and trained Cairns for several generations and has heard about you. She told us we reall got a good dog!

Once again, thank you for a beautiful and healthy dog with a wonderful personality!

Very truly yours,

Robbie & Skip
Edenton, NC



Dudley's first checkup was great. All love here – very well socialized – great with people and other really big dogs! They backed away first. Doing well in crates – learning the house breaking is a little tougher – I'll keep in touch.

Holly M.
Flemington, NJ


Dear Jessica,

Just a few lines to give you an update on Dugan, the Cairn Terrier puppy we picked up on 2/19. From the moment he stepped into the house, he made himself at home. He is a clown, makes us laugh, a real affectionate puppy and does whatever it takes to make Kelsey (our 9 year old Cairn) love him and play with him; well, he has succeeded as we have never seen Kelsey play like a dog as she does now. They roll on each other and give love bites when they play. I really didn't think it would have taken so little time for Kelsey to accept and love Dugan, but he is irresistible! He weighs 7 lbs, 2oz as of last Thursday and is in perfect health. The receptionist at the vet hospital just put her cairn down, so Dugan is her favorite. When we go there, she takes him and disappears with him. They just love him there!

He is a fabulous eater and now that I have walked him for weeks in our yard on a leash, I let him out with Kelsey and he certainly loves his new found freedom. It will be interesting to see what happens when the pool is open. He is not afraid of anything. A true and happy puppy. Thank you once again and I thank God for helping me find you!

I will send pictures periodically!


Dugan, Kelsey, and Perla C.
Aberdeen, NJ


Foxcreek Scottish Terriers, Jessica and Joe,

I am writing this in hopes that my letter will make it onto your testimonial page. I was looking for a breeder and I found Foxcreek. I cannot tell you what I went through until I found you and your wonderful dogs. All I can say is, boy, am I glad that I did find you.

Now that was ten years ago when I got my first puppy from you and this year I finally was at a point in my life that I could add a second. Well, Macduff has been with me since April 10, 2006, and Samantha is the first one I got from you ten years ago. What the heck was I thinking by adding a second dog to my home ten years after the first one? Why on earth did I wait so long to get a second dog? Who knows, but I’m sure glad that I did.

Samantha is a puppy again! You guys have brought so much fun into my home with these two dogs. I can now see why I am not getting my work finished every day. All I do is watch the dogs play and wrestle. Thank goodness for being the boss. It’s too funny. I can’t thank you enough for how happy you have made me. I can’t say enough good things about Foxcreek and the dogs you produce because if you were to ask me which dog is better I would tell you that the quality ten years ago compared to the quality of today has not changed one bit. That’s something that is hard to find these days. Keep up the great work in what you produce and I can guarantee that I will only get my dogs from you and I refer people to you all the time. We’ll talk soon.


Thomas N.
New Castle, DE


Foxcreek – Jessica, Joe, & all the dogs,

hanks for all your help in making our new addition to our family so pleasant. Our puppy you picked for us is just too perfect. You guys were so helpful in making our purchase go as smoothly as it did. From what airport we could fly our plane into, where we should stay and what places were good to grab a bite to eat. Thanks for also giving us all the tips on how to make his first airplane ride a pleasant one. He has since been in the plane every weekend and he loves the boat. I guess you could say he loves the air as much as he does the water. We took your advice and bought him a life jacket for the boat, and what a little sailor he has become. You were right, Westies love everyone and everything (or is it just Foxcreek Westies?) We are having a BLAST with him.


Grant & Julia M.
Myrtle Beach, SC


Hi Jessica and Joe,

Hope all is well at Foxcreek. Enclosed are some pictures of our Scottie, Maggie (Born May 7 – Rye & Strykr) Maggie is doing nicely. She has lots of energy and loves to play. We have graduated from puppy school. She is very social. She gets along well with other dogs, loves people and rides in the car.


Pat C.
Clark, NJ


Hello Jess & Joe at Foxcreek,

Just a note to say thanks for our lovely Bichon puppy! It was worth the wait. We have named her Joy because that is what she is. The trip back to Canada was uneventful and she behaved in the car like a true traveler should. We can’t tell you how much we are enjoying her and can’t believe that we actually at one point in our lives didn’t have her. She is perfect and such a love. Everyone that meets her comments on her beauty and sweet temperament. Next year she will be RVing across the USA with us. We will be sure to keep you updated on how she does.

Thanks so much,

Amy & Norman
Montreal Canada


To the world’s best breeders – Foxcreek Scotties

I want to thank you for picking our last puppy for us (our third Scottie from you). You did a great job picking the first and second puppies for us, but I have to say that you outdid yourselves when you picked this one. What a perfect match for our family, humans and dogs. We are in LOVE!

All three dogs are getting along great with an occasional bout of discipline to the baby. We are enjoying all of our dogs from you and will never get a dog elsewhere. I don’t know how your do it, but you sure do have a knack for matching the right dog with the right family. I’ve got the proof, three times. All purchased without seeing a one of them. We trusted your judgment better then anyone. I could go on forever about how wonderful Foxcreek dogs are, but I won’t.

Just a note to say THANK YOU for making our lives so joyous and complete.

Marion and Brian V.
Washington, D. C.


Foxcreek Bichon Frises,

I am so very happy with the puppy my family got from you this past June. Frankie is the best puppy we have ever had. He trained so quickly and our groomer just adores him. What a pleasure he is for her to groom. Training that was started with you, Jessica. All your advice has been extremely helpful in our raising of him. He is such a joy and has a wonderful temperament. What a totally different dog he is from our other dog, the one we got from a bad “breeder”. You breed excellent dogs!

Thanks again for allowing us to own one of your babies. We love him.

Amelia and Ricardo S.
Winston-Salem, N.C.



Eevee appears to be in excellent health. We did not expect otherwise. I hope the enclosed is sufficient for the 48 hour check-up.

Thank you. She is truly a delight to have around the house.


Evonne & Larry
Chantilly, VA



Tory and Bryce are a joy!

They love taking walks and running errands in the car. Thanks for two wonderful Scotties.

Gwen, Odie, Joyce

Tory and Bryce
East Greenwich, RI


Dear Foxcreek,

Enclosed is the exam from my vet. She passed with flying colors (I know she would) and my vet absolutely adored her.

She is totally settled in with her new “pack”, and my other dogs couldn’t believe I had the “nerve” to bring home a pup, but now they play and include her in their “itinerary”.

I will send pictures as she grows.


Linda H
Flemington, NJ

P.S. – Have a great holiday!


Jessica and Joe,

Celtie (Scottie) is a sweet little girl. She is still a “puppy”. She still loves to cuddle.

She loves to play with my son’s dog. She can walk under him without dunking her head. They play tug all the time.

Her temperament is excellent. Everything is just something fun and new that she hasn’t seen or done yet. She’s not shy or skittish. Everyone comments on her coloring. Thank you for letting me have her. She is a joy!

Tammy F.
Saint Marys, PA


Hi! Thank you for my Scottie puppy. This is my 2nd one from you. She is very energetic and we are very pleased with her, of course.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Betty Lynn
Mountainside, NJ


Hi Jessica,

Duff is doing GREAT! He loves our busy house with all the kids coming and going. This was his first trip to Vermont two weeks ago. He loves the snow and the woods. He is truly a character. He still gets his egg and cottage cheese 3 xs daily.

We were at a party in August, our family, and we took him along. He met another Scottie dog, one year old, who was also purchased from you. Duff had a great time with her although he was only a mere 5 lbs. He is the first Scottie I’ve had that gives me his paw for a treat.

In the other snapshot, we took Duff to Cape May to a little dog show. Every dog received a prize, but Duff got a Blue ribbon.

He has two buddies on our street; Herbie and Maggie, who are a little older than him. He loves going to Herbie’s house to play. Oh well, just wanted to fill you in and tell you that Duff is LOVED!! Thank you for a wonderful dog.


Anne Marie C.
Atlantic City, NJ


Joe and Jessica,

Thank you for my Westie puppy. I am very happy that my family gout our Westie puppy from you. Spencer, named after his dad, is just awesome! It was such a pleasure dealing with a breeder this time around. Someone who knows the breed, and someone who cares about the proper home that a puppy is going to. Someone who has put hours and hours of time, training, and love into the proper raising of a special family member.

After my last disaster with a dog, I was not sure that I ever wanted to put my family through that kind of stress and misery again. Our last dog came from a puppy mill/pet shop. What did we know? All the signs were there that our pet shop doge (Westie) was not what we were expecting.

After cronic health issues, not being housebroken, and numerous growls and nips at several family members, the final straw was the vicious attack on my daughter. After four years of so much stress I was sure that I never wanted a dog again. That was until a family acquaintance told me about your dogs.

My first call I spoke to Joe and how helpful he was with answering all of my questions. I called again and spoke to Jessica and was again very impressed with all of the knowledge that the two of you have. That was it. I was sold on a Foxcreek Westie. I sent you a deposit/letter and you picked him out for us. That was a year ago today, and what a difference a properly bred/raised puppy is from our last dog. Our perfect puppy is now our perfect dog. A Foxcreek dog. A dog that has won all our hearts and all the hearts he comes in contact with. Such a happy, lovable boy, not a mean bone in him.

Thank you, Joe and Jessica. You truly have made my family happy.

Charese, William, Ben, Jacki and Spencer
Martinsburg, WV


Dear Jessica,

We would like to thank you SO much for Cosmo. He is such a great dog an had brought A LOT of love and happiness to our family. As you can see he is a beautiful dog and receiving love and is very happy.

Our thanks,

Joe, Sue, Chelsie, Kaitlyn and COSMO A.
New Jersey


Dear Jessica and Joe,

Our Winnie is doing very well, Maddie has taken to Winnie and Winnie to her.

We went to the vet of course she is wonderful.

We will keep you updated every so often. Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family.

Pat R.
Greensboro, NC


Just wanted to say thank you for our little Maggie. We can’t tell you how much we love her. She adjusted right away. Crate and “Potty” training is going better than we expected.

Happy Holidays and thanks again for our new baby.


Gail N.
Pittston, PA


Dear Jessica,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to buy one of your puppies. He is so amazing. He is like a new baby in the house. He is so much fun and loved by everyone who sees him. We are enjoying him every day. So thank to you and your husband for such a lovely dog.

From Leanor and family and our lovely dog, Oliver (Bichon)
Boonton, NJ


Hi Jessie,

Our little cairn terrier “Kerry” is doing very well. She’s growing like a weed and doing great with potty training despite the snow and cold we recently had.

Thank you for breeding and selling us such a wonderful puppy!

Linda M.
Fayetteville, NY